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Can a Cracked Tooth be Saved with a Root Canal?

There are many different types of cracks found on our teeth, some concerning and some not so much. Generally, the cracks we worry about have a questionable or poor long-term prognosis. However, each case is different. Depending on the location and extent of the crack, we can provide you with a better understanding as to the prognosis of your tooth.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to remove cracks on teeth. Root canal treatment may help alleviate any uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing, allowing you to add time to the overall lifespan of the cracked tooth. Because the structural integrity of the tooth is damaged, however, it’s possible this tooth will need to be removed in the future.

If you’re suffering from a cracked tooth, contact our trusted endodontist today. We’ll conduct a detailed evaluation of your tooth and help you understand your treatment options and what the long-term prognosis of your tooth looks like.

How to Know If a Tooth Is Cracked

A professional diagnosis is the best way to know for sure that your tooth is cracked. Cracked teeth can present with many of the same symptoms you may experience with an infection on a tooth that is not cracked.

Some of the signs or symptoms you can experience with a cracked tooth include:


Pain when biting or clenching your teeth together


Sensitivity to cold


Chronic or spontaneous pain


Bumps on your gums


Inability to identify where in your mouth the pain is originating or what tooth is hurting

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Dr. King will help you understand what type of crack you’re dealing with and possible treatment options. Our priority is helping you achieve a comfortable, healthy smile for a lifetime. There’s no one-size-fits-all recommendations here — we do what’s best for you.

What Causes Cracked Teeth?

  • Grinding your teeth
  • Excessive force to one tooth
  • Large fillings that weaken your tooth
  • Untreated tooth decay
  • Biting down on something hard
  • Trauma to the face, head, or mouth, such as a car accident or sport injury

Why Might a Cracked Tooth Need a Root Canal?

When the hard outer layers of your tooth are cracked, bacteria can invade the once protected nerve system, damaging the tissue and typically causing pain. Over time, this can lead to an infection that can spread to the bone and gum tissue. Endodontic intervention may help prolong the life of your tooth and get you feeling back to normal.

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Treat Cracked Teeth, Comfortably

At Endodontic Excellence of Atlanta, Dr. King is Atlanta’s recognized expert on cracked teeth and delivering comfortable root canal experiences focused on patient education and successful outcomes.

Our team provides the highest level of care and attention in a calming and luxurious environment for those looking to repair cracked teeth. Every detail has been accounted for to ensure you have a wonderful experience with us.

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Dr. King is proud to be highly referred to by dentists throughout the greater Atlanta area, but a dentist referral is not necessary to schedule an appointment. Even if you’re not sure if your tooth is cracked, please get in touch. We’ll provide answers to your questions or even provide a second opinion.

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