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We Use the Latest Endodontic Technology to Provide the Most Accurate Diagnoses & The Most Effective and Gentle Treatments

Technology makes a big difference in ensuring our patients feel comfortable during procedures such as root canals, retreatments, or endodontic surgery. At Endodontic Excellence of Atlanta, we believe in a gentle approach to endodontic care and always do our best to prioritize patient comfort.

By utilizing the newest, most advanced technologies, we’re able to offer a higher quality of care and reduce any discomfort. Our office is equipped with:

  • Endodontic surgical microscopes – Dr. King works entirely through a microscope to get “up close and personal” with your tooth
  • CBCT 3D imaging – This allows us to appreciate the true anatomy of your tooth. If root canal treatment was already completed but is not successful, we can evaluate the problem best in 3D
  • GentleWave Technology

With Dr. King’s compassionate, high-tech approach, you can rest assured your health is in good hands.

High-Tech Solutions to Treat…


Tooth Pain


Traumatic Injury


Cracked Teeth


Abscesses & Swollen Gums


Root Canal Failure


Decayed Teeth


Sensitive Teeth

Benefits of New Endodontic Technology

The goal of endodontic treatment is to treat inflammation and infection, which causes signs or symptoms for patients and can lead to abscesses. It’s imperative to provide the most accurate and efficient treatments, which are vital to your comfort and the success of treatment.

With our high-tech equipment, including Global surgical microscopes, CBCT (3D imaging), and Sonendo’s GentleWave system, we can ensure that your treatments will be effective, comfortable, and precise.

What To Expect From Your Consultation:

During this visit you’ll:


Meet with Dr. King to talk about your concerns and determine a diagnosis.


Get a thorough examination with state-of-the-art radiographs and 3D imaging technology.


Discuss your needs and concerns to develop a treatment plan that works for you.

Technology Spotlight: GentleWave Procedure

The GentleWave System is a novel approach to root canal therapy. Using advanced fluid dynamics, broad-spectrum acoustic energy, and accelerated chemistry, this system allows us to provide optimal cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system.

Thanks to GentleWave’s top-of-the-line disinfection technique, Dr. King can preserve more tooth structure and promote early healing. Learn more about why we’re proud to offer this technology here in our office.

  • Minimally Invasive – Traditionally, the disinfection process of root canal treatment has been accomplished by irrigating with a syringe. To ensure the disinfectants were reaching the entire root canal system, doctors needed to open the canal system and the internal aspect of the tooth large enough to make sure the disinfectants would flow to the depths of the root canal system. GentleWave Technology diminishes the need to enlarge the canal system. This helps prevent the removal of excess tooth structure and ensures we can help preserve the tooth’s structural integrity.
  • Effective Cleaning — Thanks to this technology’s high-tech fluid delivery system, the GentleWave system is far superior to traditional disinfection by hand. This also means there’s less chance of needing root canal retreatment later.
  • One-Visit Procedure — In most cases, GentleWave allows Dr. King to complete your root canal in just one appointment!

Interested in learning more about this advanced technology? Contact us today — we’re happy to answer your questions.

Compassionate, Comprehensive, Comfortable Care

Root canals and other endodontic procedures are often associated with pain and discomfort. However, these treatments are intended to relieve pain, save your smile, and improve your quality of life.

Dr. King is an award-winning endodontist and she and her team are committed to making your treatment and care as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We make it a priority to ensure all your questions are answered and that you feel confident in your treatment plan.

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