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General Information

What’s the difference between an endodontist and a dentist?

Endodontists are dentists, too. They’ve completed additional training to become specialists in diagnosing and treating issues that affect the tooth’s pulp, such as infections and other problems.

If you have symptoms of pulp damage, a dentist might refer you to an endodontist to treat it.

What are signs that I need to see an endodontist?

If you feel tooth pain of any degree, temperature sensitivity, biting pain, have bumps on your gums or swelling you may need endodontic treatment. If you’re experiencing these issues or believe you might need a root canal, reach out to our office. Dr. Megan King can help you find the right treatment.

What types of issues can an endodontist treat?

Endodontists treat a wide range of ailments related to the tooth pulp (a term used to refer to the tooth’s blood and nerve supply). This includes deep cavities, cracked teeth, abscesses, and inflammation caused by trauma or infections.

What procedures can an endodontist perform?

Endodontists provide root canal treatments, root canal retreatments, resorption repairs, endodontic surgeries, and any type of treatment related to the tooth’s nerve. If you think you may need endodontic treatment, Dr. Megan King can help you diagnose and treat your condition so you can find the relief and help that you need.

Do endodontic procedures hurt?

No! With proper anesthesia techniques you’ll feel relaxed and at ease throughout treatment.

Procedures and Treatments

What happens in a root canal procedure?

After numbing the area using a local anesthetic, Dr. King places a rubber dam on the tooth she is working on. This prevents water from getting into the mouth and also prevents bacteria from the mouth from entering the tooth. Dr. King accesses the nerve canal system within the tooth, removes the damaged pulp, cleans and disinfects the canals, and then fills and seals them.

Will the root canal hurt?

We know that root canals have a reputation for being uncomfortable, but they’re so much easier than you think! Due to new technology and innovations in anesthesia, we can provide pain-free treatment.

Will I be able to drive after the root canal?

If you are given an oral sedative before the procedure, we request you have a driver to and from your appointment. Otherwise, you are perfectly capable of driving after treatment.

Can I eat after my root canal?

Of course. However, please use great caution to avoid biting your cheeks or tongue.

I have a crown, will a root canal ruin it?

Many of the root canals we perform are done through existing crowns. Typically these crowns are not damaged as Dr. King makes an effort to make her access into the tooth minimally invasive.

However, there are times when a new crown is recommended. Usually, this is because the crown has some sort of defect to it. It is very important to have an adequate crown to ensure your root canal is perfectly sealed away from saliva and bacteria in the mouth.

What you need to know

How to get started

Whether you’ve been referred by your dentist or not, getting started is as simple as contacting us to schedule your first consultation. We recommend you complete any needed forms before your appointment to save time.

What are the available payment options?

We can work with your insurance company to make everything as easy as possible for you. We also offer no-interest financing options through CareCredit.

What to expect during my first visit?

We work hard to provide each patient with the best possible experience from the moment they come through the door. That’s why we’ll guide you, answer all your questions, and provide you with the customized solutions that you deserve, so you can feel as comfortable as possible.

Comfortable Care, Successful Outcomes

Dr. Megan King is a trusted endodontist with a knack for helping patients feel calm and confident when facing dental issues. She’s ready to answer your questions, investigate your concerns, and provide the best solutions to your dental problems.

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“I had a failed root canal done by another endodontist. Dr. King and her assistant communicated seamlessly and efficiently. They were very concerned about my comfort. An experience that could have been very uncomfortable was made pleasant. Do not hesitate to call Dr. Megan King if you need the best endodontist.”

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