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At Endodontic Excellence of Atlanta, we offer specialized treatments that are all about eliminating pain and saving your teeth. With our advanced techniques and compassionate approach, Dr. King strives to provide optimal oral health and lasting smiles.

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We can address a variety of problems

As a dental pain specialist, Dr. King treats a wide range of ailments related to the tooth pulp (a term used to refer to the tooth’s blood and nerve supply). Our goal is to achieve patient comfort, stop infection, and save your tooth.

Abscesses and Swollen Gums

Abscesses and swollen gums can be signs of underlying infections.

Cracked Teeth

Alleviate discomfort and lengthen the overall lifespan of a cracked tooth.

Decayed Teeth

We relieve pain and save your tooth by addressing advanced tooth decay and infections.

Discolored Tooth

Single tooth discoloration is usually a sign your tooth’s nerve is necrotic or “dead”.


We diagnose and treat this complex issue, providing personalized solutions to save your smile.

Root Canal Failure

If your tooth doesn’t heal or develops new problems after a root canal, we’ll evaluate your tooth for a second chance.

Sensitive Teeth

A tooth that feels hypersensitive to cold or heat, or which lingers with pain, is often a sign of an inflamed nerve.

Tooth Pain

Let’s find out what’s causing your toothache and determine the best treatment to help you feel comfortable again.

Traumatic Injuries

If you or your child has sustained tooth trauma, we can help ASAP.

Hear From Our Patients

“From the minute I walked in, it had a spa feel and was very luxurious. The second I met Dr. King, she made me feel so comfortable.”

- Jillian

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Expert, patient-centered solutions

Dr. King is Atlanta’s recognized expert on delivering comfortable care focused on patient education and successful outcomes. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology and a welcoming environment to ensure a stress-free and positive experience.

There’s no referral needed and even if you’re not sure what kind of care you need,  please contact us. As a dental pain specialist, Dr. King will help you find answers to your questions, help you understand whether or not we are the right team to address your dental problem.

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