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Diagnosed with tooth resorption in Atlanta?

While resorption is a fairly common dental finding, most of our patients have never heard of root resorption before. At our office, we are able to diagnose resorption, explain its process, and help you understand possible treatment options for your tooth.

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What is root resorption?

According to the American Association of Endodontists, resorption is defined as physiologic or pathologic loss of dentin, cementum, and/or bone not immediately due to caries or trauma. In other words, root structure is replaced with a mineralized material as a result of bone cells, specifically osteoclasts, having direct access to the inner root structure.

Root resorption is further classified into internal and external root resorption according to the portion of the root which is affected. While it may be progressive, many cases are static or non-progressing.

What causes tooth resorption?

Root resorption can be caused by trauma, orthodontics, internal bleaching of teeth, periodontal surgery, tooth grinding, and developmental effects. Resorptive defects have also been found in patients taking bisphosphonate medications.

Symptoms of resorption

  • Typically patients with a resorptive defect don’t experience any discomfort or signs/ symptoms. We most frequently diagnose resorption based on radiographic findings.
  • Some cases will present with a pink hue to the tooth, some patients notice a “different sensation” when brushing. Many patients are completely unaware of anything going on with their tooth at all.

Treatment for tooth resorption in Atlanta

At Endodontic Excellence of Atlanta, Dr. King will review your case and explain exactly what is going on with your tooth. Once diagnosing the specific type of resorption she will review your treatment options.

Treatment options may include root canal, root canal with an external root structure repair, or simply monitoring. If you’ve been diagnosed with tooth resorption in Atlanta, or you’re concerned about possible resorption, talk to us.

Comfortable Care, Successful Outcomes

Dr. Megan King is an award-winning endodontist with a knack for helping patients feel calm and confident when facing dental problems like resorption. She’s ready to investigate your concern, answer your questions, and provide the best possible treatment options.

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