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Single Tooth Discoloration is Usually a Sign Your Tooth’s Nerve is Necrotic or “Dead”

It’s normal to experience discoloration on your teeth as a result of food and drink, the natural aging process, tobacco use, and certain medications. However, if you notice discoloration in just one tooth, this may be a sign that the nerve in that tooth is dead. 

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Why is Your Tooth Turning Grey or Black?

Dental trauma is the most common cause of a grey or darkened tooth. When a nerve dies, tissue decomposition can penetrate layers of the tooth to produce discoloration. Tooth discoloration can also be caused by certain medications or filling materials.

Whatever the cause, a single tooth turning grey or dark may be a sign that it is infected and is likely an esthetic concern for you.

Seek help from an endodontist to assist you with this issue.

Root Canal and Internal Bleaching to Fix a Discolored Tooth

Root canal treatment involves:

  • Removing the damaged nerve
  • Carefully cleaning and disinfecting the nerve canal system
  • Filling and sealing the canals

Frequently, discolored teeth do not cause symptoms or pain for patients but are more of an esthetic concern. These teeth are unlikely to whiten or brighten with typical external bleaching since the bleaching must occur on the inside of the tooth.

To place bleach inside the tooth, a root canal must be completed. Once your root canal has been completed, we are able to place a bleaching mixture on the inside of your tooth. Our goal is to brighten this tooth to improve its color.

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Ask Dr. King: Discolored Tooth

What kind of dental trauma causes discolored teeth?

Dental trauma can occur as a result of falls, sporting activities, vehicle accidents, or during physical altercations. As little as a slight “knock” to the tooth or something far more traumatic can lead to tooth discoloration.

Will root canal treatment and internal bleaching fix tooth discoloration?

This treatment shows different degrees of responsiveness depending on each case. There are times a nearly perfect shade match is accomplished and times where we have improved the shade but not created a perfect match. Dr. King will discuss the likely outcome of your case so you can understand how to get the most esthetic outcome.

My tooth is discolored but it doesn’t hurt, do I need to see an endodontist?

Yes. We always recommend seeking an evaluation and diagnosis for any changes you notice in your smile. 

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