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When it comes to any of these scenarios, the sooner you diagnose, understand, and address the issue, the better. That’s what we’re here for.

Endodontic Excellence of Atlanta is a practice limited specifically to endodontics. Root canals are all we do — all day, every day. Dr. Megan King specializes in all aspects of endodontics, from conventional root canal therapy and root canal retreatments to cracked teeth, traumatic injuries, and endodontic surgery.

Dr. King enjoys working with patients of all ages and can offer sedation in certain cases. Her goal is to provide comfort alongside expert care. Her team is caring and patient, which makes your experience enjoyable, while exemplary customer service also makes your day a little better.

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What Is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the dental specialty focused on treating diseases of the interior aspects (nerve and blood supply) of your teeth and their surrounding structures.

To understand endodontic treatment, it helps to understand tooth anatomy.

At the center of every tooth, beneath the harder outer layers like enamel, lies a soft tissue known as the pulp. The pulp runs through a tunnel system, called canals, to the end of the roots and contains blood vessels and nerves. If the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, you may experience pain and swelling. 

Endodontic treatment is meant to eliminate any infection, relieve discomfort and save the tooth.

Years of additional training allow endodontists like Dr. King to diagnose and treat these tooth infections. Even when the issue may not be so obvious or clear she is able to understand the origin and cause of your oral and facial pain.

There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment in our practice. The surgical microscope, CBCT (3-D imaging technology), and other specialty tools allow Dr. King to conduct a detailed examination, provide a recommendation, and treat your case accordingly with the greatest precision and thoroughness possible.

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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment may be necessary to stop pain, eliminate infection, and save your tooth. This procedure involves removing inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleaning and disinfecting the canal system, and then filling and sealing the canal system.

Endodontic Retreatment

It’s possible you’ve had a previous root canal on a tooth but that tooth has become reinfected. If a previous root canal procedure did not heal as expected, you might be experiencing pain or other symptoms again. Endodontic retreatment is one possible option to address this issue.

Endodontic Surgery

If a minimally invasive procedure alone cannot save your tooth, Dr. King may recommend surgery. This type of endodontic treatment may be best suited to address persistent infections, further examine a cracked tooth, or allow for biopsy of the infection.

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